June 15th Prophetic Pulse – Heaven’s Perspective for Our Cities and Streets

Jun 16, 2020 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

These are the prophecies used in the Prophetic Pulse June 15, 2020. Find out what is on God’s heart for this nation and the nations of the earth. Find out heaven’s perspective for our streets, our cities, the protests and what He desires for His people.


Prophecy by Hank Kunneman, October 26, 2016
Your streets will begin to change for there is an answer that is coming for urban America and they have sought to protest and so the enemy wants you to believe that this shall be the streets of your future; no, the Spirit of God says there is such a sound that is being released and such glory that is coming, such a heart change among the young that they shall say we will not gather to protest, but we will gather black, white, red, yellow and we will gather as the United States upon our streets, says the Spirit of Grace. And this will carry out a movement across this land.


Prophecy by Hank Kunneman, May 21, 2017
Is God in the shakings? Is God in the fire? Is God in the riots in the streets? Is God within those who are shaking their fists crying out for this man, your president, to be removed? Is God in the wind? Is God in the turbulence? But I say to you, My host is coming and as it was in the day when the prophet Elisha opened the eyes of the servant to see that even though there were many that would rise up, so it would seem, yet when his eyes were opened he saw the heavenly hosts, that there were more.


Prophecy by Hank Kunneman, February 14, 2018
“There shall be outbursts of violence for the things that will be exposed. THIS CAN BE STOPPED,” says the Lord, “for you are not wrestling against flesh and blood. You are wrestling against the spirit of anarchia. A spirit of lawlessness that seeks to divide this land and to make you think that it is another issue than what is at hand, of a working of a spirit of darkness. Listen to the secrets that I say to you now. The same spirit of lawlessness, from hell they have said, ‘Not only shall we bring violent tornadic activity by way of storms, not only shall we attack the schools, but we shall fill their streets with violence.’ But this is not enough,” says the Lord, “LISTEN TO THE WORDS SO THAT YOU MAY PRAY. They have said they shall attack the officers and kill them. This can be stopped for it shall be and is the prayer of those who have been anointed as watchmen in the cities that can bring a divine hedge even around the law enforcement and even those who do not know Me.” For the Lord says, “AS YOU PRAY YOU WILL SEE MY HAND MOVE SWIFTLY… you will be marked with the grace to be able to pray and to unseat and to undo the terrible dark deeds of the divisive one, the enemy and his hordes,” says the Lord.