Jul 3, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

One nation under God. This familiar sentence from our nation’s pledge of allegiance is a decree and a declaration that has served as the very fabric and foundation for the prosperity and preservation of the United States of America since its inception.

But what does this profound statement reveal prophetically?



Many have wondered, what the primary reason is for the continued success and prosperity of this nation despite the fact that the mainstream culture has made a concerted effort to push God out as much as humanly possible. The simple answer is this: The forefathers of the United States decided to dedicate America to God. This has proven true for generations as no other country has spent more time and money on preaching the gospel across the world!

As a result, God has made it clear through the prophetic words given through this ministry that He has not forsaken this nation. Instead, He has ‘gathered the prayers of His intercessors within His fists’ and His very presence descending upon this land shall cause a great shaking that shall lead to a Great Awakening marked by many ‘great cancellations, great removals, great reversals and overturning of laws’. All of this to show that God’s hand of grace and mercy is STILL upon the United States!




In Psalm 125:3, it says that “For the scepter of wickedness shall not rest on the land of the righteous, So that the righteous will not reach out their hands to do wrong.” We must remember that God has a covenant to those who serve him faithfully and His word does not return void.

It has been prophetically spoken that just as in the beginning days that AMERICA was formed out of a cry for rightness and a rebellion against a tyrannical king, we have entered into a season where there will now be a cry for righteousness and a righteous rebellion against those currently in power who have tried to legislate and redefine and implement evil in our nation. God has declared that He will deliver America and He will set and keep this nation free!




God has said many times through prophecy that this decade would be for you but also for your children! We are entering into a time where ‘the youth shall arise and they will take back this nation. They will take it back for God and His glory!’

The overturning of Roe v. Wade was a pivotal moment in the spirit as Satan has been stripped of a blood right and we will now begin to see the redemptive plan of the Lord be established through the young for those who never had a chance to have a voice because they were aborted. The Bible says that ‘in the last days, God will pour out His Spirit upon sons and daughters and these days are now upon us! Rejoice for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, and cousins, and continue to stand faithfully in agreement for this divine outpouring to be released!

As you take time to reflect during this July 4th holiday, remember this: Stand firm, fear not, for you shall see the salvation of the Lord! God Bless America!

Check out the prophecies below regarding America and God’s promises for this nation:



















“…I want you to know that there is another sound that is arising.  It is the sound of the awakening of My people.  But it is not just My people over America. Let Me remind you that there was a day when they threw the tea into the harbor, when were moved upon by My Spirit to beat their ploughshares into hooks and to grab ahold of what they could find to fight for the freedoms that you enjoy.” God says, “a righteous rebellion was what birthed your nation.  So as they have tried to legislate and redefine and implement evil in your nation,” listen to the word of the Lord, “I have sent My prophets to you today because there is an awakening, a righteous rebellion once again that shall not be a party. Shall not just be My church, but a people in this nation who are saying ‘we’ve had enough!'”

  • Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy (April 26, 2015)




“…And there shall be spoils of this battle that shall be given unto this nation.” And God says, “I am not done with President Trump; this is even part of the Great Awakening that shall cause men’s mouths to fall open and those who have reported, even upon the news and have attacked and been part of the lies, they too shall see and be awakened that I am the God that shall step in and I am The Lord that shall bring great things. Yes, great cancellations, great removals and great good things shall begin to swiftly come.”

  • Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy (May 4, 2021)




“…Listen, America, there shall be a changing of leadership in your nation. They will say ‘but we did not think this was possible,'” God says “it will not be a bloodshed and it will not be a revolution of blood, but the youth shall arise in this nation.  Watch the elements, for when I came and visited a people was there not lightning, thunder, earthquakes, wind, and hail?  Was there not the sound of the wind?..”

“…When you see this,” God says, “watch for then the youth shall arise and they will take back this nation.  They will take it back for Me!  But now let the elements speak of My glory.  Let the elements speak of My power and let the youth rise up as David who was anointed and appointed,” and God says, “cut off the head of your enemy, America! You are coming into your day,” says the Spirit of God!

  • Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy (March 6, 2011)




“I have said in My Word that the lion would lay down with the lamb.  Do you think it is hard for Me,” says the Spirit of Grace, “to cause the Donkey and the Elephant parties to conform to the Lamb?  This shall happen in the new season that I speak of.  For it will not be abnormal or strange when the sound of worship shall be heard coming from the place of the White House.  It will not be strange to those who understand that you are in a new era, United States.  And it shall be known and some shall say, ‘This shall be a golden era.’”  God says, “It shall be known as an era of silver redemption.  This is the hour of payback.  This is the hour that I am giving back and it shall be put back in your nation.  There have been laws that have been grievous.  There have been laws that have been stench in My nostrils that are being overturned and changed and there will be a put it back because the season of recompense shall quickly come to this land and it will be defined as you enter into 2024.”

  • Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy (May 5, 2019)




“I have promised that I would not withhold My hand from this nation, why do you think that I would withdraw My hand at this time or that I have withdrawn My hand?  This is My nation! But you say, ‘but God do you not understand that the people have not prayed enough?’ Why do you set yourself to be the judge of that?  The people have prayed, they have fasted and they continue,” says the Living God, “but this is also about the work of My hands and My agenda. Some have said I am taking way too long.” The Lord says, “I will take as long as I need.  But it shall be in the end a swift work that you will see. For some will say it is a delayed time and has been too long, but when you see how everything is going to be shaken up and how there is coming a return and a reversal of things that have been upon your land, you will say, ‘God thank you that you’ve taken as long as you’ve needed.’”

  • Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy (July 17, 2021)




“Watch for a great turning of events as things begin to rattle, shake, roll and ultimately there shall be a turning upon one another in the shocking turn of events. Not only shall it be the media, the turning over of legislation that they say will be mandated, no, but I will show you as they turn upon one another.” And God says, “I told you already before, that I am the party crasher and I will crash the Republican Party, I will crash the Democratic Party, and I will raise up new faces, I will raise up those who will stand with Me and My glory.” And God says, “I will settle, 2020, as My Word declares when you clean house do you not first bind the strongman?” The Lord says, “the strongman of the 2020 election has been too loud, it has been undealt with,” but God says “I will bind up the strongman of that time that I may not only clean house but spoil their goods…”

“…Watch and see. You are about, America, to taste and see that the Lord is good. I have been good,” says the Lord.

  • Pastor Hank Kunneman (Nov. 19, 2021)