Jun 27, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on May 11, 2023, where the Spirit of the Lord is reminding His people that we are in His season of the “Great Fall.” This is not a season based on the natural calendar timing of autumn, but this is a divine window of time according to the Living God marked by the fall of kings, kingdoms, and leaders as His righteousness and justice overthrow corruption!

Pay attention to extreme weather as a sign of the Lord judging the judges of the earth. As the shakings of events become more intense, temperatures will reach well into the 100s. Watch as media networks continue to feel the heat and the raising up of a cord of three strands as a man, woman, and another man bring reform to restore governmental law and order again.

Continue to stand, speak right, and pray as the Lord accelerates the season of the Fall to save this nation in this time! 


Prophetic Word spoken by Pastor Hank Kunneman May 11, 2023

FlashPoint LIVE at Nashville, TN 

“And so it will be,” says the Spirit of God, “that men have looked to the climate, and they say climate change and climate control. But do they not understand that the god of the times and seasons, even of the weather, for I speak now, and I say look closely for there shall be extreme once again. You say, ‘But God you’ve said this before.’ But it is my season and it is not yours and I’ve declared that you are in the season of a great fall and when I spoke this, many said that it would surely come in the fall and they looked to a time that could be calculated by the seasons of your very seasons, but I say that you are in the time now of my season. It is the great fall. It is the fall of kingdoms. It is the fall of kings. It is the fall of leaders. It is the fall of corruption. It is the fall even in the supreme, yes even upon your Supreme Court for I have come now to judge the judges of the earth,” says the Living God, “and I will give you judges as the first and there shall come shakings as things become even more intense and there will be temperatures that will reach for a season in the 100’s and it will be as though it would be 103 and you will say what is this and,” God says, “do you not know Psalm 103, forget not my benefits; and it will be 106 and 107,” God says, “do you not understand that the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever.

“And then they will say, ‘But what is this, God, about 105?’” And God says, “Do you know that I led the people out with silver and gold and there was not one feeble as I delivered a nation? And then they will say, ‘What is this it has reached 118?’” And God says, “It is a sign – Hosanna Hosanna, blessed is the Lord who comes to save, and I have come to save this nation in this time.

“Pay attention, pay attention because there will be things that will be shocking as I pull the masks, as I lift the covers and I lift the veil.” God says, “The veil that I lift shall be upon those who have been deceived, who have been led to believe contrary things at the hands of the prince of the power of the air who has used the media. But I say to you listen now, there is a shaking that is coming to the forces of darkness and to the powers that would desire to steal this nation, but it is mine,” says the Lord, “and I am not finished.

“Therefore I will give a sign, you watch very closely for there will be jockeying and shaking even of those that are among the anchormen and those that represent the networks,” God says they will be shaken and some will even be removed even as one called Tucker, but it’s for the purpose of realigning,” says the Lord, “as one network shall be bought; and watch and pay close attention to the one that will arise to pay for it, for they will say ‘We hate this one; not this one,’ and they will be shaken.” But God says, “It is to release something that has been stolen from this generation and it is the spirit of truth; and I will bring my truth now to a whole other level so rejoice and watch and see as many shall be brought before you and the veil shall be removed and the truth shall be revealed,” says the Living God. The Holy Spirit whispered one more thing, He said I don’t need the networks to not say it or to say it; I’m saying it and it’s going to spread like fire.

“I will give another sign,” and God says, “there is that which they call the Continental Divide of this nation, and the enemy has sought to divide this continent, though, another way. Through division chaos and confusion.” The Spirit of God says, “I have placed my hand upon one who I have not given up on that shall arise again, and I have said it before, from the place of New York. But yet,” God says, “I shall also take something from the south and there has been that which they have tried to confuse, there has been that which they have tried to push their agenda by redefining what a man and what a woman are; and yet in this land in your coming months and in the coming years I will raise up a cord of three strands in this nation by way of those who will lead you.

“And I will take my man and I will take a woman and I will take even another man and watch what I do to establish a cord of three strands that shall be given and granted heavenly authority which shall bring governmental law and order and will cause things to be placed back in order again. For they have tried to shove a redefinition of a man and woman, but yet I will give you an example. What does it look like when a man and a woman rise and stand with my authority and my anointing and my power to bring a reform and change that will cause your children and for you to rejoice. I will do it. Watch and pray, for the next few months that are upon you, it is important that you do not agree with those who would want to pull you into a place of unbelief but you must cause your words to say, ‘God forgive us, forgive this nation,’ for the enemy has pressed for my hand to judge yet I am looking for my people to speak words of repentance and words of faith for me to act.

“And I say to you for there was one in the days of Numbers 25 who blatantly when the men of Israel slept with the daughters of Moab, blatantly when Moses called the people to repentance, took a woman and brought her into her tent and provoked me. But yet there was one who was also provoked and it was Phinehas and this is what I say to you; one who carries a jealousy, a spirit that has been provoked, and he thrust his spear through the back and the stomach of the man and the woman who were engaging,” says the Spirit of God, “and it was because of the zeal, my zeal that consumed him and this is what I require as I bring an acceleration. If my people will be provoked to stand and to speak right and to pray you will see an acceleration and suddenly they will begin to fall and you will rejoice because you will say, ‘Look at what the Lord has done’. Not what man has done, but what I have done,” says the Living God.