Jun 30, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this profound and powerful prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on June 11, 2023, where the Living God has made it clear that He has already set a trap to ensnare the enemy and specific things will be shaken as a sign that hell’s agenda is collapsing. 

Pay attention to what begins to come to light as the intensity of God’s judgment exposes the things that have been hidden in darkness. Record high temperatures across the earth will be a sign that those who have been operating in agreement with demonic strongholds will begin to feel the heat of justice.

Stay vigilant and keep your spiritual discernment high as not everything that is reported on the news is true. We are now in the season where God has declared that He will pull back the veil to show what is truth, what is false, and we will be satisfied that His supreme justice is now being served! 


Prophetic Word spoken by Pastor Hank Kunneman June 11, 2023 Sunday 9:00AM Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE 

“I have declared in my words,” says the living God, “that in these days that you are in, yes, these days, I would shake everything that can be shaken. And so I am,” says the Living God. “I am shaking the heavens, I am shaking the earth, and I am shaking what is deep, deep, deep under the very soils of your earth. And even in the deep waters, the deep places,” says the Spirit, “and now watch what begins to arise to the surface. For there will be strange, strange, strange, strange sightings and sounds and things that will carry you through summer months, and in the spring of my season that I have declared is the season of the great fall. What do I speak of?” says the Living God. “Listen very closely. As temperatures shall arise, very hot,” says God, “but so shall the temperatures arise in this nation against the injustice of what they shall seek to do.

“But listen very carefully. There was a pride that was upon Pharoah and even those of his army when they looked upon a nation and said, ‘Israel, we shall entrap them. We have them. We shall enslave them.’” And God says, “This has been the spirit of those who think through indictments of innocence, indictment done to create the narrative that there are things that have gone wrong and have been done that are wrong. I speak of 45,” says the Lord. “They think that they have set traps like the Pharaoh thought the day that he pursued after Israel in the Red Sea. What did I do? I caused him, in his pride, and his army to enter into the Red Sea to think that he would prevail. But,” God says, “it was a trap that was set; and so there are many traps set by the power of my hand, the God of justice that shall, as they push for indictments / arrests, as they push even for a mugshot, as they push for a bracelet,” God says, “listen to me. I have set a trap that shall backfire and cause the spirits that have tried to attack this nation to take it over – socialism is not the future of the generation of the children that shall arise -therefore, watch the traps that they shall be swallowed up in their own actions.

“And must I remind you that not everything that you hear, everything that they report, everything that they accuse, not all is truth. Yet now in my season, I will show what is true and what is false. You’ll say, ‘God, we’ve been waiting for this day.’ Oh, you shall be satisfied because I said taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, you will taste and now you shall see, and you shall be satisfied as the reward of the truly guilty shall be served their sentence.”