Prophecy: I am Pouring Out My Spirit Upon Your Sons and Daughters!

Apr 19, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on April 3, 2022 concerning the Lord pouring out His Spirit upon the children in the earth. God is releasing an anointing of preservation upon the children that will manifest by way of a future where people will live in righteousness, and the laws will exemplify justice.

Watch as many will gather by the masses to promote righteousness and God raises up influencers in the areas of entertainment!


The spirit of the Lord says, men are preaching and even others are declaring that this is the end of all days. The Lord would gather the people of the earth and bring them to where he is. But I say to you, why do you steal the future of a generation, including children at this time with your fear? For God says they have attacked your children. They have tried to exploit and have been exploiting your children. They have brought a revolution of darkness to afflict the children of this nation and the earth. And yet I say to you that I am not pulling the children from the earth or my church at this time. Instead, I am pouring out my spirit to bring a sexual revolution that will be in reverse, says the Lord.

Therefore, the schools will change, the curriculums will change, there will be laws that will outlaw abortion in the land of the United States. There shall come rulings that will restrict sexual content and what they say is education among the schools. For I am pouring out my spirit upon your sons and your daughters, and I will have my harvest for my son. For I have declared that the God of heaven is being held back because of the precious fruit of the earth, and you think that the precious fruit of the earth is just the end-time harvest. But I say to you that there is a restraint of my hand the Father concerning the release of my son. For the precious fruit of the earth that I look at also, and I speak concerning children. They will have their day. They will have their justice, they will have righteousness as their foundation, and they will be vindicated, says the spirit of God.

Therefore, I say, let the sons have vision. What visions? I say visions for the future. Let the old man dream. What dreams? Where the parents, the old men, the old women shall dream and say, can there be? I dream of a future where there is new laws upon the land that does not steal the freedoms. Laws that promote righteousness and justice. I dream of that, this shall happen. Can it be possible? Their divisions among the young. The dreams among the old. That I spoke about in the last days or these days. Not to remove the people, for then there would be no visions and there would be no dreams fulfilled. But I say in this time they will. That upon the sons and the daughters, I will pour out my Spirit, and they shall prophesy.

What shall they speak? They shall speak great as the Lord God. They shall speak and prophesy in the very streets where they used to gather to protest. They will gather hand in hand, the children of the land and even their parents too. And they will gather in masses. In the schools, in the stadiums, in the streets, in the highways, the byways, the parks. And they will gather, even amongst television. As God says, listen to me. I will raise up even young actors and actresses that will take back entertainment. And I will, listen to me, I will judge harshly the places, those who have exploited the children. In animation, in music, in entertainment, and other ways where they have purchased and sold them. Upon the sons and daughters. I’m pouring out my spirit at this time. This is 2022, God says my 22. And I’m going to shoot off many rounds of my hand.