Jan 17, 2024 | Daily Decrees, Decrees Just for Kids

I decree that I live happy and joyfully each day.
The Lord is with me and puts His joy inside my heart.
I choose to be happy and see all the good things in my life.
I make the choice not to focus on the sad things.
I say that all sadness that comes from the devil has to leave me in Jesus’ Name!
I declare any weakness, sickness, or tiredness in my body that would try to steal my joy has to leave me.
I say that I have strength from the Lord’s supernatural joy inside me.
I have lots of reasons to laugh, smile, feel happy, and sing! I declare each day is good because it is the day the Lord has made, and I rejoice in it!
I speak that I am happy—I feel happy because the Lord’s joy lives inside of me!

Do not be sad for the joy of the Lord is your strength
(Nehemiah 8:10).

One of the most important things we must know about God is that He wants us to live happy lives. He wants us to experience good days at school, at home, and with friends. He also provides us good things that make life better—things like good food to eat and clothes to wear. Of course, being joyful in life doesn’t always mean everything goes perfectly. What’s special about the joy God gives us is that it can work even in situations that make us feel sad or upset. His joy can work even when things don’t go just right. For example, we can feel joyful even when someone at school doesn’t treat us well or when we didn’t do well on a project. One way we get the joy that God gives to work for us is by speaking about it. We can decree that we have His joy at all times, both good and bad! That’s why the verse above says His joy gives us strength. It can work inside us even when we feel weak. You can wake up each day and say that you will not be sad because God’s joy is inside you and will make you strong. Remember, you have lots of reasons today to be happy and joyful because His joy is inside you!