Dec 12, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on November 10, 2023, where the Spirit of the Lord has emphatically declared that GREAT change is in manifestation across the earth as we enter into a new year and a new season. 2024 will be marked with great acceleration of the moving of God’s hand that will disrupt, overturn, and change entities and pillars of society that were believed to be immovable.

Watch as the Light of God’s glory breaks forth and His goodness overtakes the evil that has tried to establish itself in the land. The anointing of God will destroy the yokes of what the enemy has desired to keep people in bondage through hopelessness, chaos, death, and despair.

This is the hour that God’s promises will begin to take shape and come to fruition in the natural. That which the prophets have spoken will come to pass as 2024 will be known as the year that God restores His people and preserves a future generation!


Prophetic Word given by Pastor Hank Kunneman November 10, 2023; 7:00PM CT Kenneth Copeland Omaha Victory Campaign
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE 

The Spirit of God says, I walk the earth at this time, and I have measured the level of fear that has come from many that are in the earth, including my people. Yet I say to you at this time, why do you fear? What is it that you’re looking at? What is it that you’re expecting when the God of the earth walks among you at this time?

For I say that great change is in the air, and it is at the time when even the prophet spoke when there was a time of famine, he spoke and he declared that this time tomorrow things would begin to change, and yet there were no visible signs at the word that was spoken through the mouth of the prophet. Elijah stood and he said, “I hear a sound, the sound of abundance of rain.” Yes, and yet it had not yet come. I speak this at this time because change was prophesied. Change was in manifestation, yet the people did not see it with their eyes. And so, I say to you that 2024, as you enter into a new season it shall be marked by acceleration, it shall be marked by great change that shall come in the earth and it shall affect and shake even the political powers that have brought evil and they thought that their agenda could stand at this time.

But God says I am shaking it and there will not only be great change, but God says watch and look, you will see my anointing at a level that you have prayed for, you have believed for, you have desired; and this anointing that I speak of shall destroy the works of darkness that thought that they could enslave this country and bring it into a socialistic empire.

But God says the children who are with me now who are aborted in the wombs of women, they have gathered and they have prayed before my throne and have said God, you are a god of justice, let a generation experience the freedom that we never experienced; and God says, I have granted their prayers and this will come upon your nation as acceleration shall begin to take place and my light will begin to break forth, and changes shall begin to fill the air.

And there will be, God says, for you have seen what evil looks like, but you will see what my goodness looks like in the land of your living. You will see what change looks like when the intervention of God comes to a people.

I do not speak of the masses, but I speak because of the remnant who have stood, who have prayed, who have fasted and you have called upon my name.

Therefore I have come, God says, to bring great restoration and great reversal, and you will see as my anointing destroys these yokes that have thought that they would be the future for you, for your nation, and for your children. But yet I have accelerated at this time, and I will bring about, God says, a lifting through this anointing of the heavy burden that has been upon you, that has been upon your economy, that has been upon your government, that has been in your schools, that has been in your cultures.

And you have said, God, it has been such a harsh season. Yet I say to you, darkness shall cover the earth, gross darkness shall cover the people. But yet I, the Lord, shall rise upon thee, for I walk the earth. Behold, this is the hour that my glory shall be seen upon you, for 2024 shall mark the manifestations of what I say to you at this time. So lift up your eyes, lift up your heads, and you shall see the things that I speak to you at this time, says the Lord.