Jan 17, 2024 | Daily Decrees, Decrees Just for Kids

I decree good things happen in my life!
I live every day expecting good news and happy times!
I expect each day to be filled with good and not bad.
I speak to this day and say, “All is well! It’s gonna be a good day!”
I look forward to the good things God wants to bring me today. In Jesus’ Name, I take authority over any attack of the enemy that would try to bring bad news into my day or cause bad reports to come.
I am expecting to receive happy messages, joyful feelings, good news, blessings, gifts, and surprises.
I say that good things always happen in my life because Jesus came to give me a life full of everything I need.
Good things are happening today!

Good news from far away is like cold water to the thirsty
(Proverbs 25:25).

Good news and good things are something we all want to happen every single day! No one likes to hear bad news, right? Did you know that God likes us to receive good news? The Bible verse above talks about how good news is like a drink of cool water when you are really thirsty! God wouldn’t show us how wonderful getting good news is if it was something He didn’t want us to expect regularly. So much of the time the world, which is full of a lot of bad news, conditions us to expect bad things to happen. It can make us worry that something bad might be around the corner, but that’s not what God wants us to expect! Now this doesn’t mean bad things will never happen; it just means the good things will outweigh that bad. We should expect far more good news than bad news! Someone once said, “It’s a good day to have a good day!” That’s an attitude that is expecting good things to happen instead of just thinking something bad might show up. Today, begin expecting good things to happen to you because that is what God wants for you!