God’s Event Shall Fall on a Day

Feb 24, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch the prophecy below. God’s event shall fall on a day. We are in the season of Reversal and Reset. Like John the Baptist, something of God is about to be birthed. This prophetic word was released on February 21, 2021.

Come on. Come on. I want us to continue. Brenda stay over here, please.

We prophesy over the United States of America. We prophesy over the government of this land and the circumstances upon our nation, and we say it shall fall upon a day. The hour of the Lord’s choosing, the event that God has chosen by the power of his right hand and his left hand and his feet, and is established upon the soil of this land. It shall fall on a day, divine reversal, divine reset. And the finances of the Earth shall come into something new, something great shall fall the day the debt is canceled. It shall fall in a day, a revaluing of a currency. It shall fall in a day, that those who are in the leadership shall be no more. It shall fall in a day.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. We shall see it.

It’s almost been a year. But how many remember? It was March 15th of last year. In fact, we didn’t even hold the service. Mike Keyes was our speaker. Remember that? We came to you by live stream. Early in that morning I was up praying. And I heard a very authoritative voice. How many remember this? Very authoritative. I thought somebody was standing, I thought, in my living room. And when I heard this voice, I don’t know if it was the Lord or if it was an Angel of the Lord sent by God. But the voice began to speak and I was carried up in the spirit and I was looking down upon the Earth. And I knew that what God was getting ready to do, and those of you that are watching, was something that did not just deal with this nation, but there was something that was happening among the Earth. Something that God had planned.

But then I saw the eyes of the Lord. So to speak. Zero in right upon the United States of America and the word that came with such authority. How many remember it? You remember what it was? Divine reversal. And divine reset and God said, this shall happen in the earth, and this shall happen for this nation, and it shall fall on a day. Thank you, Lord. Now, this is why, it’s interesting that God prophesied ahead of this message. Did you hear what The Lord said? Men is looking at their calendar and their event, and they keep pointing and God saying no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. But I will say this, just like when it comes to the King’s return, we don’t know the day or the hour. But we know this season. We are in the season of this reversal. We are in this season of this reset and it will fall on a day.

And I thank you, Lord, that this shall come to pass. In Jesu’s name and everybody, how many agree with that? I speak grace to it. How many know what grace is? We can’t, therefore God must. And let me teach you why, you know why people are attacking the prophets right now? Do you know why people are all scattered out here like he was mentioning about the scattering? It’s because, like John the Baptist, it’s a good illustration of what is happening. John the Baptist was a child that was born in transition. He was not part of the Old Testament, he was not part of the New Testament he was born in between. Since the time of the election and even before that, we’ve been in a time of transition. And here’s what people are doing with their mouths. They’re trying to formulate. Just like Zachariah. What this child should look like.

Remember, the question was what? What does this child look like? What’s it going to be like? What manner of child is this? They were trying to figure out, Who is this child being born in transition? What is this that the prophets have been prophesying? What is this? And yet people are attacking and apologizing, conceding and that’s fine. They can do that. And people have all but given up because they look at dates, and they don’t realize that something of God is being birthed in this nation that is about to affect the world like John was. We are in transition. So it’s why sometimes we don’t fully understand. What it is that God is up to and how it will look when it comes, but it’s going to come and it’s going to fall in a day. And here’s the deal. God had to send an Angel to touch John the Baptist’s father, Zechariah’s mouth so that he would not speak according to tradition.

That what God was birthing, was going to have the touch of heaven, the plan of heaven upon it. How many of you know what its name was? John. God is birthing John. That’s what he’s saying here. He’s birthing something in this time of transition that we’ve been since the election. And do you know what it is? Do you know what John’s name means? Grace. And yet people are stepping out of that place because they’re getting caught up in the division. And they lose their perspective and they can’t understand, and they don’t understand that God’s about to do something for you, the people of God and this nation that has to do with this grace, and it will fall in a day and with it will be a divine reversal and reset. Come on, shout, grace. Come on. Shout grace, grace.