Jul 10, 2019 | Articles, Pastor Hank Kunneman

Man always seeks for an answer that excludes God, but He will show us, His people, that He will bail us out and cause us to be elevated above the talk of recession and economic hardship.

In January the Spirit of God spoke these words to me: “I want this nation to understand that when My people pray, when My people ask, and when they cry out for Me to heal this nation, then I shall surely answer from the heavens, and I will cleanse this nation and I shall heal it.

“I want you to understand that a sign has been given to this nation. For what they are calling a miracle upon the Hudson [the lives that were saved after a US Airways plane crashed in the Hudson River in New York] is a mystery that I want this nation and those who call upon My name to understand.

“For surely [it is] as it was in the days when the disciples were fishing and gathered their nets and caught 153 [large] fish, and they went into the place of the deep and brought forth the fish [after Jesus told them where to cast their nets], and they did come and … dine and there was a feast,” says the Lord (see John 21:1-14).

“And so it was that even what took place upon the Hudson—an airline named US Airways—surely it was destined for destruction, but My hand honored the prayers of the people, and this is a sign. I rescued those that were upon the airline that day, and I am rescuing and recovering this nation, and I will cause this nation to be raised up from that which the enemy has sought to destroy, and I will cause a recovery to take place [during which] this nation will come into a season of dining and rejoicing.”

God says, “I am going to release a divine contradiction to what has been said to My church and to those [who] are righteous. For there has been a bailout in the automobile industry, and there has been a bailout for the economy and for the housing. Yes, even the sign of US Airways is a sign to the United States that in the airwaves, the heavenlies, there is a great battle taking place between darkness and light, righteous and unrighteous.

“But there is a shift that is about to take place and is taking place, and there is a rescue and a recovery even as it was among those that day—a rescue and a recovery.”

God says, “I want you to understand, United States, that the airwaves have been in conflict and the enemy has sought, as he did with those passengers, to bring destruction to this nation.”

But God says: “There is rescue and recovery, and there will be one miracle after another. I will show this nation that they are still upon My heart, and I am bringing [recovery] as a father, for I am the Father of the nations and a father to this nation. So lift up your heads and set your affections upon the things that are above, where Christ is seated, and know this: All is well for those in the kingdom!”