Prophecy: God is releasing an outpouring so great that it will have to be reported!

Feb 9, 2022 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophecy by Pastor Brenda Kunneman on Jan. 30, 2022 regarding a great outpouring of God’s anointing and glory that is being released in this season!

God is looking for those who are pressing into Him so that those who rely on Him will operate in this new level of anointing to bring in souls by the masses to the salvation of the Lord!

May I propose that the pandemic has maybe, just maybe, caused some of us to be gorged or drunk with what’s on the news? What the enemy is reporting. What the enemy has been pushing for. May I just propose that it’s possible that we have become so drunk with that that God is saying again, it’s time to be drunk on the things of the Holy Ghost. It’s time to be drunk, of fresh in the spirit. It’s time for the Holy Spirit to hit us in a way that cannot be explained with the. Human mind. Come on. That’s where the miracles are. Is it just possible that there’s a new filling that God is wanting to bring to the church?

I believe that, I truly believe that. I believe we are on the Cliff and the precipice, and God is looking. In fact, I feel the spirit of God even saying right now that I am looking, says the Lord. By my spirit, those I am looking for those who will walk in this level, for there have been those that I have craved, I have craved. I have looked for, my eye has been looking for, who will press into what I want to do. For my heart’s desire says the Spirit of Grace is to pour such a great anointing upon my church, and a great glory that they will have to report it, they will have to share it. They will have to say it, and there shall be cries in the streets. When they will say, Jesus is the only way. Jesus is the way and masses shall be saved. Masses shall come into the Kingdom, for this is the outpouring that is planned by my spirit and those who are hungry shall step into it. And so this day, says the Spirit of grace I call you come. Come, come, and allow me to use you in a miraculous way.