God is Pushing Back & Countering the Darkness to Give His People Increase!

Jun 14, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on June 8, 2022, during the Prophetic Pulse where the Spirit of the Lord has said that even though things look like they are out of control and growing dark, He is pushing back the darkness and giving His people increase!

The Lord is bringing forth a victory that will cause His people to be above and not beneath! We are entering into a season of divine lifting where God is elevating his people into the New Era that He has promised!

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying something to us right now, and those of you that are listening by phone, those of you that are watching, and those you that are in this room. I hear the Lord say, everyone lift up your hands like this. Just start pushing it up, because the Spirit of the Lord says, as you do this prophetic act as you are pushing your hands up, the spirit of the Lord says I am going to lift. I’m going to elevate the blessings that are going to come upon you. You are going to see that even though things may look like they’re out of control and it will even look like things are going to get worse and the days are going to be dark.

God says, as you are lifting up your hands, I am pushing back the darkness. I am countering the darkness and I am giving my people increase. And you will say, how is it that I prospered? How is it that I was provided in the season that was harsh? In the season that was dark? And you will surely say, God bless me, God is good, God has been good. And then the spirit of God says, begin to jump in place.

Because the Lord says, I want you to see that you are above and you are not below, and the things that you are stomping upon and jumping upon is under your feet. For I am lifting up this nation. I am lifting up the nation of the Earth. And I am going to elevate and bring forth, God says, a victory that shall cause the people to be above and not below. This season of those things that the enemy has desired to wax and exact upon the people of this nation and upon the Earth. As you jump, God says, I’ll bring the divine lifting that I promised you, and I will release the new era that I have said is yours.