Jan 17, 2024 | Daily Decrees, Decrees For Your Family & Breakthroughs

WE decree that an atmosphere of God’s glory floods our home. We speak and say that the presence of the Lord is everywhere. We call for the cloud of God’s Shekinah glory to invade every room and crevice of our house. May every person who enters here be affected by the glory of the Lord. Because of the atmosphere of glory, we receive the goodness of the Lord, even as Moses saw God’s goodness when he encountered the glory. We take authority over any demonic interference that would squelch the atmosphere of glory. We prophesy that in the glory we are changed, healed, and delivered. We submit ourselves to whatever the Holy Spirit wants to accomplish. We avail ourselves of spending time in the Lord’s presence, and we allow the glory to rest upon our lives. Lord, we thank You that Your glory permeates us and is welcome in our house. Like Moses, we ask to see Your glory and we want to experience it daily in our home!

I beseech thee, shew me thy glory (Exodus 33:18).

The encounter between God and Moses in Exodus 33 is undoubtedly one of the most impactful biblical encounters between God and a human being. It was an expression of a man who wanted to be entirely immersed in the awesome presence of Almighty God. Moses’ yearning was so intense that he literally begged for the Lord to allow His glory to be visible. In other words, Moses wanted to see God with his eyes! Today we are not much different than Moses in our desire to see the Lord. Yes, we want to see Him with our eyes, but we also want to experience Him in every aspect of our being. We express this desire by saying, “I want to experience the glory!” In that, we want our homes to be a place where the glory of the Lord is present and felt by those who live in and enter our home. We want our homes to be a place where people come and literally sense the Lord. If you want to have the Lord’s glory in the atmosphere of your house, then it needs to be cherished and protected. Be careful not to allow things that squelch the glory or interfere with it. Consider the things you read or watch on TV or electronic devices. Ensure that your actions do not hinder the presence of His glory. Then make the point to invite the Lord’s glory to have its welcomed place around you on a regular basis. Ask the Lord for the atmosphere of glory to be in your home!