Fight the Good Fight!

Jul 10, 2019 | Articles, Pastor Brenda Kunneman

I am not sure what challenges may be in your pathway today, but it’s not a time to allow your faith to be defeated by them. Perhaps you are facing some form of family strife such as a problem in marriage or perhaps the struggles brought on by a wayward son or daughter. It might be a job or financial issue or even a serious health concern. Maybe your struggle is simply the mental and emotional pressure brought on by all of these issues and you are simply feeling overwhelmed by the onslaught of multiple attacks.
Regardless, of what concerns you may have today, God has put within you the ability to fight back with faith! 1 Timothy 6:12 says, Fight the good fight of faith… What does that mean? It means to rise up with confidence in God’s promises and believe in them more than you believe the negative things that life can present. Regardless of what things look like to your natural eye, God’s promises are completely reliable and can reverse these negatives.
Find a promise from God’s Word today and use it as a sword against the powers of darkness that rage against you.   Read that promise again and again. Read it aloud to yourself. Speak it out in prayer and decide that you believe what God’s Word says no matter what. Hold onto that promise and decide you will have it no other way! Take that promise to pray and worship God with it. By doing these things, the level of faith in your heart will begin to grow and get bigger than whatever you are facing. This is what it means to fight with faith.
Sure, maybe you are weary with some of the challenges you have faced lately. However, don’t allow them to get the better of you. Rise up once again and know that your weapon of faith can defeat anything!   You CAN fight the good fight of faith!