Economic Blessing and Provision

Jan 17, 2024 | Daily Decrees, Decrees for Governments & Nations

We decree that the economy of this nation shall return to and remain in the place of stability and strength. We prophesy that our currency and markets shall maintain their highest value. We command all demonic forces of poverty, debt, lack, and shortage to be bound from wreaking havoc on our national wealth in Jesus’ Name. We call for the reduction of the national deficit. We
break the power of out-of-control inflation and price gouging and declare its sting against our citizens’ wellbeing is rendered powerless. In the Name of Jesus, we break the power of the waster, the plunderer, and all who would immorally abuse and misuse funds. We prophesy that all bills, legislation, and laws that allow pork barrel spending by the government to be overthrown! We say that funding directed toward wicked special interests and foreign enemies shall be halted. Our tax dollars shall be used to fund life, not death, and education over indoctrination! We declare that godly and wise overseers and experts shall be positioned over the nation’s budgets and spending. We speak that the states, cities, and municipalities shall manage their financial affairs with integrity, prudence, and discretion. We declare that the government shall always financially undergird and provide relief to the work of the Lord’s Church. We decree the people of this nation shall be fed and provided for and this economy shall be characterized by stability and the Lord’s blessing!

When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily. But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability (Proverbs 28:2NLT).

Word of Encouragement
The economy is a topic that is always on the minds of Americans, and it’s always at the forefront of discussion during every election cycle. What happens with the national economy affects every individual, household, and business. People’s well-being is highly connected to economic conditions. This begs us as believers to make it a key matter of prayer and bold declaration. While in the natural it can be frustrating at times that we don’t feel we can control how the government often foolishly spends our hard-earned tax dollars, we need to resist the temptation
to just gripe and complain like so many do. We need to use our spiritual authority in prayer to create a shift in the economic downturn and immoral actions of politicians who bring rot to our financial stability. We can pray for God to establish wise leadership that will restore and maintain our nation’s financial health. It’s also important to note the good our country has done in how the poor and destitute around the world have been helped by America’s wealth. Some at the hand of government programs, yes, but also through the work of the Church via missions and relief programs worldwide. The Bible says that he who gives to the poor lends to the Lord and will be repaid (see Prov. 19:17). God is still looking at the good this nation has done and is blessing us for it. But remember, your prayers and declarations over the economy are key to seeing it stay in a place of stability!