WE decree that the riches and the provision of the Lord fills our house. We say that we will never lack any form of wealth to meet our physical and material needs. We are confident in the covenant promise that wealth and riches shall be in the house of the righteous and there is no lack to those who love the Lord. We prophesy increase and overflow. We declare that we always have more than enough so that we can be a blessing to others and to the Kingdom of God. We give of our wealth and, therefore, we are confident that the Lord will give back to us through the hands of people according to Luke 6:38. We decree that everything that is in our heart to accomplish financially under the Lord’s direction, we are able to accomplish. We break the power of lack and decrease and prophesy that no spirit of decay or corruption can come to rob our wealth because we have treasure stored in heaven! We stand in the confidence that our house experiences abundance today, and every day throughout the years to come, in Jesus’ Name! Wealth and riches are in our house!

Wealth and riches shall be in his house: and his righteousness endureth for ever (Psalm 112:3).

I once heard a man say, “There are few pressures in life that compare to financial pressure.” To a great extent, that is true. Money can have a tremendous effect on how people think and behave. It is often the source of fear and anxiety, particularly when a household or business is struggling to make ends meet. It’s hard not to get one’s eyes on the circumstances when the bills keep piling up. But this is not the will of God for His people! Financial stress and lack are not of God—they come from the enemy! We have a covenant promise that wealth and riches shall be in the house of the righteous. Know without any shadow of doubt that this is God’s will for you and your family. There are countless scriptures that remind us of not only God’s provision, but His willingness to make that provision abundant. Walking in this promise comes by believing it with unshakable faith. First, make sure you are following the biblical parameters and requirements for handling your money. Tithe and give offerings as the Word of God teaches. Tithing, in and of itself, is an expression of your confidence in the Lord’s provision. Second, practice good money-handling skills and know what the Bible says about mishandling of money. Then finally, speak and declare the promises of provision instead of speaking lack! All of the above can set you in a place to receive God’s promise of wealth and riches miraculously resting over your house!