Declare Peace!

Jul 10, 2019 | Articles, Pastor Brenda Kunneman

I am not certain what circumstances are presenting themselves in your life today, but at some point or another, certain circumstances will try to rob you of your peace.  Jesus spoke these powerful words in John 14:27 saying, (NLT) “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart.  And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give.  So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

Most people associate God with peace, but not everyone understands how to live in the supernatural peace He has made available.  Before Jesus returned to heaven He expressed to His disciples in John 14 that life wouldn’t always go the way we want.  When that happens there are moments when worry, anxiety, fear and an overall sense of being burdened down wants to take over.  Jesus addressed this in verse 27, showing that there are ways to maintain God’s peace in every situation.

First, we have to see that peace from God is a gift.  Jesus said, “I am leaving you with a gift.”  If we don’t see peace as a gift that God wants us to have for overcoming trials, we will allow the enemy to steal it.  No matter what you face, God is providing peace in the storm and wants you to receive it so you can operate from a position of victory not defeat.

Secondly, Jesus said, the kind of peace God gives cannot be found in anything in this world—not friends, family, possessions or circumstances.  It’s a supernatural and internal kind of peace that rises past the surrounding storm and this world’s resources can’t substitute it.  That is why in Mark 4:35-41, when Jesus and His disciples were in the storm, Jesus could rest peacefully.  He didn’t allow the present circumstances to determine His level of peace.  Of course, the disciples were convinced Jesus was going to let them die!  Isn’t that what we do sometimes?  We allow circumstances to rob our peace, even though we know it’s something God wants us to have.  Jesus held onto His peace by speaking to the storm.  He declared “be still!” to His surrounding situation.  You too can keep your peace by speaking “peace!”

Lastly, in verse 27, Jesus says, “Don’t be troubled or afraid.”   The KJV says, “LET NOT your heart be troubled, NEITHER LET it be afraid.”  In other words, you have to make a firm decision not to allow fear and anxiety to take over your thoughts and steal your attention.  At times, that may seem like an ongoing battle as your mind is repeatedly flooded with negative scenarios.  But you have to rise up and say, “No, I command my peace to return and I declare peace to this storm, in Jesus’ Name!”  You may have to do that multiple times, but if you refuse to quit, God’s peace will eventually well up within you and calm your soul.  This gift of peace from God will bring you to victory, so take it, it’s yours today!