Coronavirus – Counter the spirit of fear!

Mar 13, 2020 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives













As the Coronavirus has captured everyone’s attention, it begs us to ask this question: “Is it the virus itself that is causing us all these problems or is it the fear of the virus?” If you are like me you probably would have to say it’s the fear of it and not the virus itself, because statistics show it to be far less impactful than the regular flu, which we’ve all encountered for years.

Fear is an evil spirit. Whether it be fear of the Coronavirus or some other impaling fear that hits us, fear can affect us in a debilitating way. It can be the fear one feels when a child doesn’t come home at night, the diagnosis from the doctor or some financial situation that leaves you wondering what tomorrow will bring. And let’s face it, our modern day is filled with more fears than ever! Sadly, we are able to get a full view everyday of all the awful things that could make us fearful by the way of the news, social media and all the outlets on the Internet.

Jesus made it clear that in the last days people’s hearts would literally fail them for fear because they are constantly seeing everything happening on the earth. (See Luke 21:26) I have no proof of it statistically, but maybe fear has contributed in some way to the increases in heart diseases today. Hearts are truly failing because of fear.

What should we do? Let’s make a point to counter the spirit of fear today. Jesus reminded us not to let our hearts be troubled. Sure, perhaps your heart is palpitating with anxiety over what you are walking through right now. But let’s make a choice together. Maybe that is a daily choice for you, or perhaps even down to a moment by moment choice. The key is we must continually make the choice NOT let our hearts be troubled or afraid. It’s a determined decision to not allow your mind to wander into fearful thoughts and imaginations. Rise up and replace these thoughts with visions of security, peace and victory. Trust in the Lord. He’s got you, and you don’t need to allow fear in life to overtake you!

– Brenda