Jan 17, 2024 | TV Product Offer

Step into the Anointing of Preservation!

With all of the gloom and doom that is reported in the earth, the enemy wants us to feel trapped and without hope. But God will deliver us when you tap into the anointing of preservation!

God has made a covenant with you where you have the right to be free from sickness, unhappiness, and disappointment. Through His anointing, you have been given the victory to live life abundantly!

Pastor Hank has made available powerful teaching resources that will help you take hold of this divine gift and begin walking in the preservation that has been promised to you according to scripture!

For your gift of $35 or more, you’ll receive:

  • Hank Kunneman’s 4 CD series: The Anointing of Preservation

Click here to get these resources PHYSICALLY  or Click here to get these resources AS AN MP3 or call us at (855) 777-7907 and mention offer #1522