Accelerated One Day Miracles!

Feb 22, 2021 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Accelerated one day miracles are coming your way! There is a reversal coming to the United States of America.

So don’t stop shouting. Don’t stop shouting. Come on. Somebody shout One Day. Somebody shout, One Day. What can God do in a single day? I believe God in this room is prophesying. It’s not about years. It’s not about months. It’s not about a time or a period of time. It’s supernatural in one day, come on, I believe there’s some people right now, over this nation that God is saying, Our prayers need to be an acceleration. Accelerated one-day miracles. What can God do in this country in a day? It says that he saved the land in a day. Come on, I want you to take just a moment and pray in the Holy Ghost.

Come on, pray in the Spirit. Father, we cry out for this land. We cry out for your anointing, we cry out for your presence. We cry out for your grace. We cry out for your grace, your Grace, upon America, your Grace, upon this nation that you will save this land in a day. Father, we’re standing in agreement. In faith this morning and Father, we believe in Jesus’ name even as the word of the Prophet came forth. And the word that spoke and said that you are bringing a reset, a reversal, a divine shift. And so, Father, we come in agreement with this word and we thank you in the name of Jesus of Nazareth that Father, there is a reversal coming to the United States of America.

Keep praying in the spirit for a moment. Come on, we want to capture this moment in faith in the name of Jesus. Come on, keep praying in the spirit. Keep praying in the spirit. God is shifting something. The Spirit of God is doing something. There’s a shift taking place in the atmosphere over this nation right now, right now. Come on right here from Omaha, NE. Those of you that are watching online, let’s pull on heaven right now, and let’s act as the word said, act in faith. Act in faith, act in faith in the name of Jesus. God, we cry out for America. We have faith that you are shifting this land in one day. Come on, shout.