Nov 19, 2019 | Daily Decrees, Pastor Brenda Kunneman


And he hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of his hand hath he hid me, and made me a polished shaft; in his quiver hath he hid me (Isaiah 49:2).


One of our most key instruments as representatives of the Gospel is found in our words. It was said of Jesus that His words carried power and authority (see Luke 4:32). There was obviously something unique anytime Jesus opened His mouth to speak. His words had the power to cast out demons, heal the sick, and calm the storms. We also know that our words carry power (see Prov. 18:21). However, even with power in our words we can’t be fully effective unless we know how to use our words correctly. We need to allow the Lord to polish the things that come from our mouth so we can speak for the Lord with not only power, but tastefully and accurately. Decree today that your words are divinely anointed and that the sword of the Lord is in your mouth!


Taken from The Daily Decree devotional book published by Destiny Image. For a complete collection of Brenda Kunneman’s daily decrees, click here to order The Daily Decree.