A New Season of Justice Marked by Strange Events, Political Changes, and a New Wave of Entertainment

Mar 22, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on March 16, 2022 where the Spirit of the Lord declares this is the season and the time of His justice and justice for the children. Watch for a strange turn of events among the nations and within the nation of America, a change in governmental politics and entertainment.

Have faith and be encouraged as this current season is not the end of all things, but it is the beginning of a new era of the redemptive plan of the Lord!

Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman March 16, 2022

7:00PM Wednesday Mid-Week Recharge Service

Location:  Lord of Hosts Church



God, you have upon your heart the children of the earth and have seen the injustice and the things that have taken place among the children of the earth.


God’s Plan / Children Protected / Election:     

And yet I hear the Spirit of the Lord say, for there was a day in the days when children were being sacrificed and slaughtered in the days of Moses, and yet I prepared, through My plan, a way of rescue – a way of escape – to protect the life of the innocent child, Moses. So I say to you that many things that are happening in the earth, some say these are wars that shall end all things, these are rumors of wars. But God says, look deeper for you will see that in the battles and the things that rage in the earth, that it is the children that are upon My heart and have been upon My heart and I even said before your election that I dedicated the election to the children and to the honor of My Son, and so I shall have the last say. I will have the last action. Do you think that the liars, the thieves, the traffickers shall have their say their way? Do you think that they shall have any victory?



Justice / Children / Ukraine & Russia / Taiwan / Ground Shakes / House & Senate / Schools / Entertainment:   

God says, watch for this is the season and the time now of justice and My justice shall be served for the sake of the children. Therefore, watch strange turns of events that shall happen even concerning Ukraine and Russia.  Keep your eye upon Taiwan for there is more that is happening. For the ground shakes, the waters rise, the tide waters; but so does justice for the children. Therefore watch what shall arise as a new House shall come unto this nation and I will sweep, I will sweep, I will sweep through this land to restore honor to the children and it shall come through the House, the Senate, yes even it shall come with a new presidency and there shall come even justice throughout the courts for the sake of the children and this shall affect the schools, the curriculums;, it will even affect, God says, what shall even be allowed regarding certain entertainment.  For you will say, ‘Could this be possible in a land called America?’ God says, you don’t understand the new era you are in, nor do you understand the justice that will be served at My hand.


Children part of Remnant / Shakings to Injustice / Institutions / Animation Etc:

Therefore, watch. Watch what happens and watch who I bring to the forefront that shall be celebrated among the children, but also those who shall be brought to justice because of what they have done to the children. I will do it for those that think that this is the end of all things. The Spirit of God says, why do you through fear mongering steal a generation of their future? For I say, as the Father of Light, I shall light a generation of children that shall be part of a remnant to bring forth My glorious church. Therefore, watch great shakings to those that have done injustice. I speak of institutions even. I speak even in the area of creativity, animation movies, music. God says, there is something new that will arise, and you will see it.


Justice & Righteousness / Children Dance in Streets / Celebration & Marching:

You say, God can you be more specific? The Lord says, I will show you what justice looks like, but I will show you what righteousness that will be established among children and there will be a holiness that will arise among the children of this day. They will say, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord. Let us sing to the Lord of all. Let us worship the Father.’ Children shall dance in the streets. They shall gather in the streets with their parents; yes, and it shall not be in protest of what is coming but it shall be in celebration and marching to declare the majesty of God who reigns among men.


For they have tried to pollute the children. God says, there shall come a holiness from the children that shall arise in this day. Watch as they abhor evil, they will resist evil, says the Lord! And they will crave righteousness!