Prophecy: The very tactics that the enemy has used will be turned against him!

Jan 26, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on June 10, 2018 regarding the Spirit of the Lord dealing with the nations of the earth. God has declared that the very thing the enemy has tried to use against His people, He is now using those same tactics against the enemy to subdue him! The light of truth will prevail!


Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman June 10, 2018

10:45AM Sunday Service

Location:  Lord of Hosts Church _______________________________________________________________________________________

“I am walking among this earth,” says the Spirit of God, “and the mountain erupts and there shall be others. The Northern Hemisphere shall be shaken for as two leaders come together and meet in Singapore, Hell is afraid, yet it has been from Hell that fear has gripped the nation and the nations of the earth. Fear, the spirit  of it, has  gripped  My people; this must not be so. Here’s what I say as I speak into this earth, it was the sword that King David took out of the hands of Goliath, I cut his head off, and so in this season the very thing that the enemy has tried to bring against My people and the people of the earth, fear, I shall use against them; and it shall be My fear, it shall be My reverence,” says the Lord.


“Remember the days when King David ruled and the nations were conquered and the nations were afraid even to the place that the King of Tyre came and made a treaty with David. This is what I speak as a mystery, for  this Administration there shall come great fear, My fear, through this Administration that shall cause the Bear, Russia, Putin, China, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Korea to fear. It shall be My fear,” says the Lord, “and as they gather to speak, this President of this nation the United States and the leader of one they call North Korea, know that I stand in the midst and My fear is what causes one who I’ve said to you before and I speak it again, is no diplomat, he is controlled and tormented by fear and so it is fear that brings them to the table, but I shall use this as My weapon,” says the Lord, “and as he comes he shall not tell all, but he will be exposed. He will not give up what he still holds in his hand, but yet his hand must and will be loosed because I will demand it. And those who are persecuted in the nation that he says he is a king, persecuted, afflicted, My people who have called on My name, they shall have their day where I shall bring from  My visitation and this is what I’m doing and I shall cause great fear to come upon that one in the North to free and to loose those who have been in prison and I will cause him to lose grip of that which he wants to hold on to and there shall not be two regimes, there shall be one.


“Watch what I do, for what you are entering into shall be historical. What takes place in Korea  shall shake China. Watch Asia, I said the Northern Hemisphere shall shake, watch it shake and know that it is Me walking among you to loose the captives and to bring a new day that a nation can be saved, yes in a day,” says the Lord.



“Canada, listen to Me, don’t you see,” sees the Spirit of God, “that your leader is standing and acting as the fool? For this will continue to show you what is inside and to reveal the stench that comes before My throne. He will lose influence. Do not fear and say, ‘Another term?”‘ God says, “Pray, O’ Canada, for what I did in this nation the United States, I will do for you, where I will cause your nation to become great again and I will raise up one who shall stand and be strong and will not compromise. They will not look the part as they arise,  but they’ve been empowered by My Spirit to take away the old, that which they’ve tried to establish even in the new, and bring you into the greatest season you’ve ever experienced because the new leader is emerging and there shall be a continuation,” says the Spirit of God, “of a dissatisfaction among the people, yes, you Canada, that shall lead to a righteous rebellion that shall lead to a righteous rebellion of votes that shall lead to a righteous ruler who shall stand before you, Canada, and shall speak by My Spirit. This is My promise,” says the Lord.


“Because of My fear,” says the Spirit of God, “that I’m bringing upon the earth, even from the meeting in Singapore,  great fear, My fear! There shall come a new respect for this nation, The United States. Listen Iran, through bribes, through deceit and dishonesty from those in this nation you licked up the bribes, you took the bribes! Money from the people of this nation because of the deceit of an agreement.  Now,” God says, “I’m going to shake you, Iran.  I’m going to shake you physically, but I’m going to shake you politically and there shall be a regime change and they shall carry bodies in the streets, but My people in Iran shall be free! And because of the deception I will hold accountable those in this nation and some shall be incarcerated, but Iran you shall be set free as a new regime comes, and America you shall have a new footprint, you shall have entrance into Iran, United States, historically greater and first time the way that I shall open and this time it shall not be through deceit, it shall be through My fear that shall open you and bring My  Gospel in a way that you could only imagine and they’ll say, ‘In Iran? In Iran? In Iran? A freedom to worship the Christ, Yeshua?’ Yes I’ll do it because of the bribe, the deception, the lies! My truth shall prevail!” says the Spirit of God.