Jan 31, 2024 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on January 21, 2024, as the Spirit of the Lord has made it known that even though there will be an increase in intensity of events in the earth, we are to look beyond it because the celebration, the vindication, and the divine justice that is rising up in this hour will bring swift regime changes and calm the areas that have been filled with the sounds of war.

The enemy fears the judgement of God that is sweeping the nations, and those in opposition to God will attempt to create distractions to make you think that this is the end of all things and that there is not a better day ahead. But the Spirit of Grace has declared that we must not be moved by what we read, hear, or see because we are in the season where God is showing who is in control!

Continue standing in faith because there is a great reward for those who have stood in the midst of the battle and the spoil will be poured out over you, your children, and generations to come!

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Prophetic Word given by Pastor Hank Kunneman January 21, 2024 9:00AM Sunday Live Stream Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church Omaha NE 

Verdicts Decreed:
I have said to you before, says the Spirit of God, that you are not to fear. Even the words of King Yeshua declared and said, fear not for there would be days that you would see tribulation upon the earth, but be of good cheer; and so I speak from the Father’s throne that the verdicts have been decreed from the Trinity of God and the eldership of the court of heaven, and it has come at this time in the earth.


Shakings / Eruptions & Disruptions because of God’s Verdict and Justice:
And yet I say to my people to not fear for what you’ll begin to see in the earth, as it is shaking, as it begins to vomit at another level, as you see eruptions and disruptions, as you see floodwaters rising. Why is this happening? Has the earth gone mad? God says, listen carefully because the verdict of my justice, of my righteousness, now has touched the earth. The earth is responding because of that which has been sown not only in the very soil but among man, but also that which has been sown at the hands of demonic kingdoms and those in spiritual darkness and wickedness.


Tension shall Arise as Iran Misbehaves:
Therefore, there shall be tension that shall arise as it was when Goliath taunted, spoke, and created tension in the days of Israel that they hid out in their tents, both king and those of his command. Yet there was one, David, who arose, and I say, do not be moved by what you read, what you hear, what you see, what will be reported, and even what factually shall take place, for Iran shall misbehave and shall create tension in the earth.


Things unfold in the Middle East / God’s Verdict is Resting:
Why is there even yet another thing that shall arise in the Mideast among the nations as they shall fight and spatter one with another? As tension shall arise in the Middle East, as you see things begin to unfold, is this rest you say. God says, yes, my verdict is resting, but the reason this is happening is because hell fears; fears what their day beholds and what you see and what you will see are my judgments upon principalities and powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness, and they shall react to make you think that this is the end of all things. To make you think that there is not a better day or light at the end of the tunnel.


Greater is the Celebration, Vindication, & Justice that Arises:
Do not be moved for as much as the tensions shall arise because of the level of fear of your enemies, look beyond it, greater shall be the celebration, the vindication, the justice that shall arise in the earth, that shall bring swift regime changes to the tyrants of the earth and shall calm war in areas that you have seen it for just a season. But it shall be my season to reset the earth and to bring reversals that I will show the earth who is in charge, and I will cause there to be a great, great reward to those who have stood, wounded in the midst of the battle, you shall receive spoil and your children and generations to come, says the living God.