Prophecy: Trump, USA, Retaliation, Middle East, January of justice, 2020 Decade

Jan 3, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch the prophecy video below! A revelatory outpouring of prophecy came forth by the Spirit of God through Hank Kunneman on Tuesday, December 31, 2019 during the New Year’s Eve Anointing with Oil service at Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska.  God’s perspective, His heart and His agenda regarding many subjects were revealed, including:
  • The hand of Iran, Syria, Russia shall be exposed.
  • Netanyahu
  • The borders must and will be expanded for the state of Israel
  • Israel – Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  • Benghazi
  • God has added an “I” to his name Trump, that is “TRIUMPH”
  • Canada
  • Egypt
  • Asia
  • China
  • Next three elections
  • Jezebel spirit trying to get access
  • Medical Discoveries
  • Reversal of Blindness

And so much more!  Click video link below to watch.


For you’ve heard, says the Spirit of God, of Desert Storm. But there shall be a storm in the desert of a different kind. Whereas the wind blows, and the sound of the angels who walk about, they shall walk and they shall expose what has been hidden away since the days of your desert storm. And the hand of Iran and the hand of Syria and the hand of the man Russia shall be exposed.

But you oh Israel, you shall stand as the light to the world once again. For it was the light of the world that came out of you oh Israel, and now once again a light shall come out of you that shall break forth in medical discovery. And it shall come out of you in technology, and it shall be the power of your vehicle, and it shall be that which mankind shall wear about their neck, that shall show bypass, as I’ve said to you before, what you say heart surgery. With this light, in this revolution of light Spirit of God says, in this new decade of difference, there is the revolution of light but watch light arise out of Israel. 

For listen to me now Netanyahu. Netanyahu, who who who are you, Netanyahu? Spirit of God says you are my prophet, you are my bulwark, and though they stand to accuse, to remove you, to lie, and to speak words to frustrate the purpose. I am not done with you Netanyahu, for the borders must and will be expanded for the State of Israel. And there shall be that which I put my hand upon now, says the Lord, in this decade of difference, and I rest my hand upon a valley one such place called Jordan Valley. And God says watch what begins to take place, as expansion begins to come for the sake of Israel and the State of Israel. Therefore I am not finished, what is about to arise Israel shall be historic, but it will not be what you think, and I’ve allowed this to happen so that men may know I am the God who stands in the midst of my people. And my agenda shall go forth and I will not be stopped. For the enemies have sought greatly to bring you into war, and there is a sound of war beats of hell Israel concerning you. Give us war, give us war! But I tell you pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. But pray, my kingdom come, my will be done, and I shall do it says the Lord. For even this night, I’m bringing a protection upon Israel and for your decade of difference.

Let the sound of God arise in the land. how many of you are ready for something different? Are you ready for something different in your life and in your city? God has come to bring a favor upon his people. I want you to reach up right now and say, Lord God of hosts I receive, I receive, I receive that favor that shall set me apart for this decade of difference. I receive that favor right now, it shall be good concerning me because the Lord favors me, the Lord separates me, and the Lord lifts me up. Do you feel the Lord lifting you up right now? I see it. It’s like he’s undergirding some of you who’ve been downtrodden. He’s lifting you up, He’s lifting you up, he’s lifting you up, and you’re gonna see that it’s different this time. You’re gonna see that God has already gone before you in this decade, and the struggles of a former season shall not be the path of your new season of your decade of difference. The pain that afflicted your body shall suddenly disappear. The sick child that you’ve been believing for, Have I not says the Spirit of God, then this decade of difference I shall give and have chosen to give it to the children. 

Therefore watch the laws of your land. For there are those who resist the man, my plan, that I placed in your white house, and in your president. Stop resisting my hand says the Lord, because I already promised you years prior, that I would raise up righteous judges as of the first. And this is happening because of the sacrifice, you call it abortion. I say it has been sacrifice, to the spirits of Molech and Baal. Yet this will be greatly dealt with by my hand in this decade that has been chosen for your children. And I needed the judges and I needed the man to carry out my plan against the spirit of Jezebel who wants your white house again. But I Got News for you says the Lord, and I Got News for the spirits of Jezebel, my plan is for three elections to bring and to reign upon this land my Kingdom Rule says the Lord.

I’m not finished with you United States, but watch. There has been a veil that has been upon this nation. But as the decade of difference is now upon you this veil is being removed and has been removed, therefore do not be alarmed United States, when there shall be an eruption. And there will be a great shaking of the soil. When there was a removal of a veil, a splitting of a veil, when the Christ was crucified, the earth shook.

I speak this to you now because as this veil has been removed, it means hidden things will begin to come to the light. Watch your January as I spoke to you before that it shall be known as a January of Justice, where I shall laugh out of the heavens at the injustice, the lies, the false accusations, and I will stomp it out. But this January of Justice shall begin to bring indictments, and many shall stand in a place with their pants down. I speak in this unveiling of this veil that has been removed, for there will be her emails and the misconduct that will be brought to justice, and the truth of Benghazi will not go away. And those who have been hidden, abused, trafficked, shall be found. This will be a great sign of what I’m doing in this decade of difference that has to do with my justice. For there will be architectural findings, great discoveries, where you will even say, this is as in the days of Noah. Because God says, I will remove a veil, and I will show the earth where they lied some and said, it’s but a fable. I will show you things that angels for centuries were ordered by my hand to watch and to conceal, but you will see biblical discovery and artifact, and they will seem as though it happens rapidly one after another because I want to show the earth that I am the Lord. 

Therefore watch, as there comes breakthrough in technology and discoveries that have been spoken before that already exist. This president and the one who shall arise after shall make a way for this which will be given to the children and given to this generation. And the diseases of past generations and centuries shall be no more because I’ve removed the veil says the Spirit of God. There are those in this land, I speak to you United States, who on purpose in your government have created division. And they have sought to bring removal against the man that I placed as your president. Why do you struggle, and stumble over personality, morality, but yet you cannot discern my plan and my hand? Listen carefully as you criticize, for they tried to impeach the one that I chose, who was a murderer in Moses, and they said, we shall remove him, and 250 rose up of the house and the influence of Korah. Yet who did the Lord defend? Watch. Through this that I have chosen in this man, this nation will win and win and win and I told you that I added an “I” to his name Trump, that it is Triumph. Because I have stood in the midst of this man, that’s why they cannot and will not take him out! And my plan will go forth and your economy shall arise and arise and arise and arise and arise! 

And God says but watch, watch so you know who has been on the Lord’s side. Should they not repent, those who have sought division, as my word declares, this is why some are weak, which means they will lose their seat of power and have no voice. While others shall fall sick, and others will pass away. Do not be surprised when you see this, it is because they have touched and worked against what my hand is doing. Laugh if you may, but God says the Philistines learned a lesson when they tried to oppose my plan, my people, my nation, my agenda, I became a positive irritant in their hinder parts. And I will do it again.

Some shall say, as retaliation shall arise through this president of those in other in other nations who think that they can bring and afflict fear and harm. And they shall say, he is but a war monger hungry for war. God says, don’t be fooled for I’m gonna show you the strength, and the power of what I am doing to raise you up even greater United States. That your enemies will begin to fear the name United States again.

Do not fear retaliation when you see it before your eyes, for I am not allowing the enemy to preempt a war that would bring the nations together at this time, to a war that would be World War 3. Not so. But watch what I do in the place of the Middle East. Those who have opposed will be removed. I speak this over Asia, and as I’ve said to you before you call it Asia Minor, but I say it’s Asia Major because it has a major plan of my hand that shall disrupt, interrupt, and cause what has been hidden because the veil is being removed my church shall arise and in Tiananmen Square, there shall be a gathering of a different kind and all over China, not just in Hong Kong, there shall be eruptions and masses of people that shall gather and they shall sing and they shall worship and they shall say we shall not stay hidden any longer.

This will happen in the Middle East, there will be one such place that you will hear that says, we have changed the laws and we have removed the veils from the faces of the women. You say impossible! Ha! Keep your eyes upon Egypt because my people are arising and they will gather and they will worship, and the masses will be seen even around the places of your pyramids. And they will say, we worship the one true God, Yeshua. Are you ready, says the Lord, to just see with your own eyes what has been hidden in my people? You will see the masses who have called upon my name for this shall mark the decade of difference! It shall be that the masses shall join together across the Earth, and they shall sing, and they will declare Yeshua Yeshua Yeshua is Lord. For this is the awakening that I have prophesied to you says the Lord.

And to prove it, many are saying 2020 perfect vision, but God says, listen this 2020 expands throughout this decade and something is about to happen, and I’m going to prove that this decade is different. And God says, this will be discovered with the breakthrough of Technology with light but watch, listen. When I came into the temple I declared that I was anointed to bring recovery of sight to the blind, and this will be what will mark this season that we’re entering into in the earth, not only those who sat in darkness shall see the light and thus that’s why the masses gathered. But there is a procedure, a very simple procedure that shall reverse blindness.

You say impossible! I said I have come to bring recovery of sight to the blind! I will do it naturally, I will do it spiritually, I will do it even concerning this president says the Spirit of God. 

I see the Lord pulling something off over this house right now, and those who that are watching, and I see and I hear the sound of angelic movement right now. I can hear him. 

Some of the enemies that have risen up against you in a past and prior season or a present moment, the reason the host is here is because God is dealing with their enemies. Why? So that in this decade of difference, you can have rest from your enemies that have plagued you in a former season says the Spirit of God.

I used an East wind in the days of Israel when the enemy pursued. What did I do? I sent an East wind and opened the sea, and drowned the enemy. God says look to the east, United States. For there will be unusual weather, and they will say what is this? Has the ground shaken? Yes, because you have always looked to the West for the fault lines. But I’m exposing from the East the fault lines that have been in Washington DC and across the East. Fault lines of a different kind but it shall be manifested in the soil. Watch, keep your eye upon the east. For I have chosen the East Coast at this time to be a sign and to be a wonder of what the Lord’s hand is bringing to expose. And there are those on your court who have been part of things that must come to the light. Therefore you will see a passing away of a former president, and then watch vacant seats. And men shall say what is this? God says I have told you that an old era is passing and a new era is upon you, it has risen and things are going to be different. And God says, the light that I bring shall outweigh the darkness. Darkness prevails, yes in certain seasons, but when great light comes as I’m releasing now upon this earth, things change and will change.

Let God arise.

Bring this nation to a place of rest we will be still and know that you are God. Some of you are not going to know what to do when you see the awakening that God is saying, begin to manifest upon this land. Things that have seemed out of control will have been as it would seem, outweighed by the manifestation of glory and the hunger of people by the masses.

And it will not matter if they’re of this political party or that, it will not matter. For they will say are you my brother? Are you my sister? And men and women, black, white, red, and yellow across this nation shall join hands God says. What shall mark the season in the era that you’re entering into is the gathering of the people in my name. Prayer, worship, there’ll even be families that will gather at the place of the Washington Monument and say we want to take back families for Christ. And the Spirit of God says, watch as you see this happening, look very carefully for I have said, that in your white house, there would be a president who would pray. This shall happen, and I will give you a new house and God says watch how they will open meetings as in days of old, and they will pray, and pray, and pray, and they will say in the name of Jesus!

I am taking back this land says the Lord!

And this that I speak Canada, get ready, your government is about to be shaken. Corruption will be exposed and I told you there shall be and is a righteous rebellion that shall lead to a righteous rule.