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Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on March 26, 2023, where it has been prophetically declared that the Lord is cutting the communication cords of the enemy and bringing a restraint by His hand so that the nations of the earth can come into their divinely appointed destinies in this season! 

Pay attention to what takes place in China, Taiwan, North Korea, Russia, Ukraine, and also America as there has been much tension by the enemy attempting to preempt war. But the Spirit of the Lord is exposing hell’s agenda and is countering with a heavenly assault. God has declared that he will receive his harvest in this hour! 


Prophetic Word Spoken By Pastor Hank Kunneman, March 26, 2023, Sunday Morning Service at 11:30AM
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha, NE

The Lord started showing me, and I started seeing China, Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine. I started seeing a stirring in Belarus, Estonia. And I said, God, what is this? And then I saw something trying to happen in the United States with train cars, box cars, that they were exploding. I saw something of factories with food and distribution that was in flames. I saw water, something that they were trying to put in the water. And I said, God, what am I seeing? He said, you are seeing the warfare, but there is a cutting of the communications. 

And I’m telling you, there are chords of communication. The enemy is trying to preempt war in different places, rumors of wars. And God is saying, there is a restraint that is at the power of my hand, that these things shall not come to pass now. And I, when we were prophesying, I’m telling you, I was feeling as the Lord was showing me these things, I was starting to see some things being cut, being broken. I saw the tension. It’s like there was tension so great, and yet God was breaking it. 

No to nuclear. I say it’s all clear. I put the thumb of God on you. North Korea. I put the thumb of God upon you. China.

China / USA / Great Distractions / Underground Church / Taiwan / Regime Change & Reprieve :

For the Spirit of God says, “China, you as the dragon have caused much trouble to the land of the eagle and the nations of the earth. Now, you shall not breathe your fire or move your tail to devour these nations. For you, the fire that you have breathed,” says the Living God, “shall now consume you with great distraction and shaking that shall come to you. For your economy shall be shaken with great fire and your soil shall shake at the power of my hand that shall free the people of your land. And there will be much distractions that will rise up out of you, China, that you’ll fight among yourself. Because where the Spirit of the Lord is, because I am there for the sake of my people who pray in the underground. Now they shall arise, and it shall bring great distraction that you will back off of what you thought you could do with your submarines, your missiles, and to afflict a small island, Taiwan. There shall be a regime change that shall shake you as freedom arises. But listen now, for 40 days and 40 nights, there was one Goliath who spoke loudly and brought great fear to a nation called Israel,” God says, “I cut the head of communication, I broke the bands of fear and terror, and I kept the nation Israel from war; and this is what I am doing now. At this moment I am breaking and cutting off heads of communication. Tensions are being broken, and I’m bringing a reprieve. Yes, I am.

A Peacemaker to the Earth Carrying God’s Anointing / America Greater Again:

“And my plan shall stand in the earth to raise up one who they said he causes war, but yet when he was in office, there was no war, yet only to the deep state. But not only shall he win the battle over the deep state, but he shall rise up in a place,” says the Living God, “as a peacemaker into the earth that shall carry my anointing and my presence to bring about a restrain and a refrain among the nations that America shall be raised up greater again,” says the Living God, “and the nations shall come into their destiny for this time, for it is not the time that the battle of all ages shall arise. But no, this is the time, the reason that I have withheld my Son, that I may receive the precious fruit of the earth that I’ve longed for. The enemy is trying to sow tares of war,” God says, “no. No, I shall receive my harvest.” 

An Unusual Death:

A very unusual death that shall shock the world. It shall shock the world. I see the Lord grabbing my hand. The Lord’s hand upon my hand. And now he’s squeezing it. And the Spirit of God says, “Because the Lord of the church, the Lord of the earth, the sea, and under the sea, the sky and all things created visible and invisible, has placed his hand upon the servant of the Lord to say, I have added my agreement.”