Prophecy about Shock and Awe, December to Remember

Dec 8, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Prophecy about Shock and Awe, December to Remember

Watch this prophecy which was uttered on December 6th, 2020.


They have mocked my prophets. They have accused my prophets falsely, and yet they sighed with the false narratives that are being spoken and the agendas of your media. And yet I stand in the heavens, the Spirit of Truth who prevails over every lie, and I laugh. I remind you of the day, says the Spirit of God, when my prophet, the prophet Elijah stood with my word in his mouth and my fire in his spirit. And he stood to declare my words upon a place of Mount Carmel, and yet what did he speak by inspiration of my spirit? For there was a showdown and his words were this to those who were spreading lies throughout the land, and so I say this to those who are spreading lies. The prophet spoke and said, where is your god? Has he gone to relieve himself? And there was mocking from the mouth of a true prophet, and I say this because the Lord of the Heavens mocks at the attempts and agenda to think that fraud shall steal my nation from my hands.

For this is not fraud, it is crime. And it is time for righteousness to reign upon your land and truth to prevail, says the Spirit of God. therefore I am not paying attention to your electoral calendars, certification calendars, and timelines, and nor am I even considering January dates. I have considered my time and it shall stand. And at the right moments, I will move my hand and things will open. But watch these next two weeks, it shall be shocking and awe, that I may bring a December that you will remember, but I will bring justice this January. And I will bring the sound of celebration and freedom, March of this year, you will see 2021 shall be the year of your victory and of your celebration, says the Living God. Lift up your voice and rejoice, lift up your voice and laugh, laugh! Mocking the hand of the enemy, come on lift up your voice.