Feb 22, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on February 12, 2023, where it has been prophetically declared that there will be a shaking of the natural soil in Washington D.C., the east coast, west coast, and midwest as a sign that you will know and understand that God Himself is personally intervening in this nation!

Watch as things that have been hidden below the surface will be found out and exposed and those who have aligned with the agenda of hell will begin to jump ship as the Spirit of Truth goes to a new level in big tech, media, and the government.

Remain focused on the promises of God as there will be many distractions of the enemy to try to deceive you and get you into fear. Rejoice as the redemptive plan of God continues to break forth! God shall have his way because the people have prayed! 


Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman February 12, 2023 11:30AM Sunday Worship Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE

As you were playing and prophesying, I believe with all my heart, I heard these words that there will actually be the shaking of the natural soil that will be felt in Washington DC and up and down the East Coast, and this will be a sign that not only is God doing something, as in the days of the first, with the original Thirteen Colonies. But he’s going to do something very specific to even let it shake where we have looked to our government to show you that God is in fact involved in this nation. This will be a sign. I believe it’s going to be enough of a shaking that’s going to get people’s attention.

But you will know and understand that God himself walks among this earth and everything is placed under his feet. I see another type shaking happening on the West Coast. I know people say, well it’s shakes in California, but I see God walking up and down the West Coast and it too, it is going to shake. And then it’ll shake in the Midwest, and they’ll say, why? As it’s shaken on the east, the west and in the mid, because God is shaking this whole nation, in fact, he’s going to shake to the surface a submarine.

I see you. I see you. You think you are hidden, this thing that comes from the waters, you will be found out and you will not be allowed to creep any closer. Do not get your eyes upon balloons. They’re not what they say they are. Many distractions shall arise as there will be distractions, subtractions and extractions and there are many things to get you to look somewhere else or at something else. And there are things to try to get you in fear. It’s because the grip that the enemy has had of deception and lies is being stripped and I am force feeding and I will force feed my truth.

There will be a jumping up from a ship, a literal ship. There will be a jumping from a ship. But you watch when you hear of this, those who will jump from a ship. Much and many shall jump ship from money that they were paid to lie, to cover, to cheat, to steal, to report; because the spirit of truth shall now go to another level that shall cause great fear to come upon those and many who have been part of a planned thing. And those with a conscious and those who cannot take the pointing of my finger that calls them out will jump ship.

You will see this continue in big tech, social media. You will see this happen even in government. There will be those that will give up their seats and there will come a rebalancing of the things within your government. There will come those that will jump ship from the networks, and they will say, “We cannot continue to do this.” There will be some who will say, “We are not going to be with this network anymore. We cannot do these vile things,” and there will come a standard of rightness and righteousness and truth.

This is the time that I’m speaking, says Lord. You think that when I said in my Word that I am the way, the truth and the life that I was only speaking of salvation. When men pray upon the earth in agreement with my Word and my will, it is my way and no other way, and I will show the earth and I will show your government. I will show your media. I will show Hollywood. I will show Disney. I will show the nations of the earth and their kings too. It is my way, says the Lord, because the people have prayed!