Sep 26, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, where the Lord has declared that He is arising with a heavenly assault against the enemy and it will be the sword of the Lord that will give this land back to the remnant who have prayed and cried out during this time!

Watch in the months of September, October, and November as strange things start to arise as the Lord of Hosts begins to cut off and cut down the spiritual forces that have held this nation in bondage.

Pay attention to the timeframe of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, as injustice shall be forced to come to a place of justice as the Spirit of Truth comes to interrupt and disrupt the plans of the enemy. This is a time when kings and leaders are suddenly removed from their seats of authority.

Rejoice as the King of Kings wages war against the demonic strongholds and brings His people out of a season of harshness and into a place of divine rest!


Prophetic Word: Speaker Pastor Hank Kunneman August 30, 2023 Wednesday 7:00PM Wednesday Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE

Do you hear of the sounds, says the Spirit of God, of the sound of war? For this is what the enemy is screaming out from the very bowels of hell. They are saying, give us war in the earth. But God says, listen, I will take them up on their desire for war, but it shall not be in the natural realm as they seek for the bloodshed of men. Yet I shall arise with the assault that I am bringing from heaven that shall engage a spiritual battle that this nation has not experienced yet this far. And it shall be the sword of the Lord that shall give this land unto the remnant who have prayed and who have cried out, says the Living God.

Therefore, pay attention as you enter into a new season in the month of September, in the month of October. There shall be strange things that shall begin to arise as I begin to cut off and cut down spiritual forces, and there shall be visible manifestations that will begin to arise upon the land that you call the United States of America, where it is my time, says the Lord, to show that I am the God that is not ignored.

The injustice that has taken place among those who have committed crimes, those who have done injustice to the children and those who have thought that they could get by through their briberies, their handshakes, and money laundering. God says enough of this! For now, the light shall arise with my sword and my hosts as I arise.

Pay attention as the Jewish New Year arises upon the earth. Pay attention to the time of Rosh Hashanah for there is a trumpet blast. And there is a sound that is coming from the Hosts together. And as the sound of the trumpet blows, injustice shall be brought to a place of justice. And there will be many things that you thought were not true,

That I will show that they have been truthful all along. And I’ll show those who masquerade around as though they think that they can continue in their acting, God says enough of this, for I have promised that this nation would not belong to those who desire socialism, Marxism, fascism. But yet I shall give it to the remnant who are crying out day and night.

Shall I not speedily come to avenge my very own elected this time? Therefore, there shall be an interruption and a disruption that they think they will bring through your process. But watch what I do to interrupt, says the Living God. Watch what I do to shake it. And they will even say, we have not experienced this like this before. And God says, no, you have tried to rewrite history on a nation that was covenanted to me. Now I take my finger as I did it in the days of Pharaoh and I’ve caused my finger to come. And the powers of the witches and the powers of the magicians could not reign over my will and my agenda. My finger has come now to write my history upon this nation at this time says the Living God.

I have told you that you have entered into the season that I will remove kings. I will remove leaders. I’ll remove those who thought through selection and not election, that they would have a voice. My finger and the sword. My sword shall cut them down and then they will look and they will say, but who is standing? Who is standing? And this month of September and October and November, who is standing as I wage the new level of warfare from my throne against the enemy who desires war? I will give you war, says the Living God. And they will say, but who is standing? Who is standing? Who is standing?

Who can lead us now? Who can lead us now in this nation? Who is standing? God says, look to 45, who has been through the fire that has been turned up seven times hotter. Yet he shall walk out without the smell of smoke, says Living God. This is my justice.

Rejoice as the King of Kings wages war against the demonic strongholds and brings His people out of a season of harshness and into a place of divine rest!