LORD OF HOSTS CHURCH Sunday Service Information

May 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

Lord of Hosts Church is excited to announce that we will begin offering the opportunity for you to come to service in person! We’ve prayed, planned, and sanitized in order to be able to offer a safe, healthy worship environment for you and your family. We are taking precaution as prescribed by the CDC to ensure that the church is safe, secure and spacious for your family. Please read the FAQs below and thank you in advance for your cooperation. Lord of Hosts Church staff will be reassessing our guidelines on a weekly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are Sunday service times?

Service times are 9am for the first service, and second service will temporarily be moved to 11:30am to allow ample time for disinfecting the entire facility between services. Outside doors will open at 8:45am for the first service, and 11:15am for the second service. Unless you are scheduled to serve in a Helps ministry for that specific Sunday, do not plan to attend more than one service. This will allow for more church members to be able to attend a Sunday service, while also maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Will Livestream still be available?

Yes, we will continue to provide livestream for both services. If you’ve been around someone who is sick, please watch the service from home. If you have a medical condition that makes being in public a risk, please watch the service from home. If you feel uncomfortable to attend, or if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms this week, please worship with us online:

• Fever Over 100
• Cough or Sore Throat
• Shortness of Breath
• Contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 (in the past 14 days)

There is absolutely no pressure and no condemnation if you don’t feel ready to come to church yet. The important thing is to stay connected! So, we will continue to offer an online worship experience every Sunday with those watching from home in mind.

What Happens Once I Arrive?

When you arrive, please remain in your car momentarily until you are guided by our ushers to approach the outside doors. There will be greeters at the doors and ushers to assist you into the building. Please maintain a 6-foot distance from other households. At all times we will ask you to maintain a 6-foot safe distance as you move through and sit in the auditorium. We are asking you to not congregate before or after gatherings in order to maintain social distancing.

Will the gatherings be different?

Yes. We still want to meet in person, but we are looking to keep you safe. Some differences will include the following:

• Bulletins will be placed on the seats before service.

• On Communion Sundays, pre-packaged communion elements will be placed on the seats before service.

• The chairs will be setup and spaced out in a manner that falls within guidelines for social distancing.

• We will not have a formal greeting time and we ask that you refrain from shaking of hands, hugging, high fiving, etc. in order to maintain social distancing.

• We will have a new method to collect offerings that will not involve passing the collection buckets amongst members seated in the congregation.

• The gathering will still include worship and preaching.

What Happens When A Service Concludes?

During this time, we ask that you immediately leave the church building so that our teams can begin to disinfect and sanitize all areas of the church building. Unless you are scheduled to serve in a helps ministry on a specific Sunday, do not plan to attend more than one service. In order for us to promptly disinfect and sanitize all areas of the building, congregating in the public areas of the building including hallways and connect center before and after the service will not be allowed. Thank you for your understanding.

What Precautions Is Lord of Hosts Church Taking?

We are taking precautions as prescribed by the CDC to ensure that the church is safe, secure and spacious for your family. Please read below some of the steps we are taking.

• The building will be thoroughly cleaned between each gathering in accordance with CDC guidelines, and we are shifting the start of the second service to 11:30am in order to allow for disinfecting and sanitizing between services.

• If you prefer to wear a mask, we encourage you to do so. A limited number of masks and gloves will be available if you need one. We will also have hand sanitizer stations positioned in the building.

• The chairs in the Main auditorium and Schell Chapel will be spaced out in a manner that falls within guidelines for social distancing.

• We will not be passing offering buckets between attendees.

• Connect cafe and lounge will be closed except for restroom access and exiting of building.

• Once we are at capacity, there is a small chance that we will not be able to allow any more attendees to enter the facility. This is so that we can maintain social distancing guidelines.

Please read and follow the CDC Guidelines for Faith-Based Organizations as you make the decision to gather with us in person. Here is the link: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/php/faith-based.html

If you are uncomfortable to join us in person or are showing any health symptoms, please worship with us online at www.lohchurch.org/watch

Will Children’s Ministry be provided?

Yes. Here are some of the Guidelines Promise Kids Ministry will be using to keep families safe:

• PK Check-in staff will wear masks and staff will handle the check-in process so parents will have a contactless experience. This means PK check-in staff will fill out all the necessary forms for the parents.

• Parents will be asked a few health questions regarding their child and each child’s temperature will be taken before they enter Promise Kids.

• Parents are asked to practice social distancing when in line to drop off or pick up their child. There will be signs and floor markers to help facilitate an orderly socially distant line.

• Classrooms will have no more than 15 children.

• Snacks and drinks will be individually packaged. We will not serve any snacks or drinks that have not been prepackaged.

• PK Staff will disinfect restrooms after each use.

• As normal practice, in our infant and toddler room, teachers will place toys that a child has discarded in a bin to be disinfected.

• Masks are optional for teachers. We realize that they may be scary for some children.

• We will have all children, except for helps workers children, check out of Promise Kids after service. We are asking for families to attend only one service on Sunday, unless they are scheduled to serve.

• We will follow the same line-up guidelines as we will with check-in.

• Everything will be sanitized between services.