It’s time for us as believers to start claiming our legal rights! We don’t have to accept the challenges and obstacles that the enemy may try to bring against us because we have a legal right to plead the blood of Jesus over our life. The shed blood not only allows us to come boldly before the throne of grace, but it also allows us to stand up against the enemy and be protected from his attacks. When we plead the blood, we remind the devil that he lost in the courtroom of heaven and has no right to bring any afflictions upon us.

Just like Rahab held up her scarlet thread to declare protection over her family, we are joining together to declare over our families too! As a church family, we are serving the enemy notice that the Blood of Jesus is God’s GUARANTEE over our lives!

It’s time to activate your faith and use your words to come into alignment so that you can receive the full reward of the battle Jesus has won!

Download the Good Friday 2023 Declaration below and begin to speak this over your life daily.