Jan 17, 2024 | Daily Decrees, Decrees Just for Kids

I decree that I am creative, gifted, and talented.
I have special skills from God working in me. My mind imagines how to create and design amazing and helpful products, materials, and arts.
I declare that I will not allow my mind to think I am ungifted or incapable.
I say that I will use my skills to the best of my ability.
All my talents come from God, and I will use them for His glory!
I say that the things I create receive awards and applause.
I decree that even in times when it seems what I have tried to create didn’t work out, I will keep trying and building.
I am a child of God, and I can create really cool things!

The Lord has given them special skills as engravers, designers, embroiderers in blue, purple, and scarlet thread on fine linen cloth, and weavers. They excel as craftsmen and as designers (Exodus 35:35).

God gives every one of us special talents. This is so important to know because sometimes people or even the enemy can make us think we aren’t good at things. He can make us believe we just aren’t as talented as someone else, but that simply isn’t true. Sure, we may not be like someone else, but we can’t focus on that. We have to see the things we are good at doing. One of the biggest things people who create amazing things do is they believe in the skills they have. Not only do we have to believe in the skills and talents we have, but we also have to remember that it’s God who gave us those abilities. When you focus on that and talk like you believe that’s true, your gifts and talents will begin to grow. Know today that the Lord has given you the ability to design and create and that will at some point get noticed! Go ahead and create some really cool things today!